What is Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

What is Orthopaedic Rehabilitation? Orthopaedic rehabilitation is a specialised branch of physiotherapy that focuses on assessing, treating, and managing musculoskeletal […]

Woman sneezing from a cold holding a nasal spray

Chest and Sinus Treatments

Williams and Locke Physiotherapists can treat different chest conditions through various techniques. These techniques include but are not limited to, […]

Physiotherapist strapping man's injured shoulder

Sports Strapping

What does kinesio tape do? Kinesiology tape aka strapping or taping stabilizes the injured area by lightly adhering to the skin […]

woman swinging a tennis racket

Sports Physiotherapy

What is Sports Physiotherapy Sports Physiotherapy is the practice of assessing, diagnosing and treating the human body to restore function, reduce […]

Dey Needling Treatment Edenvale

Dry Needling Treatment in Edenvale

The information below explains the technique, Dry Needling, that has been offered to you. What is Dry Needling physio treatment? […]

Tension back Pain Physio in Edenvale

Headaches and Neck Pain

There are numerous types of headaches, some are caused by the neck.  Here are three possible types: The neck is […]

Spine Model, Correctness

Posture correction

Good Posture vs Bad Posture Maintaining good posture is crucial for your overall health and well-being. It involves positioning your […]

Woman Stretching forward

Biomechanical assessments

What is a Biomechanical Assessment? A biomechanical assessment is a detailed assessment of the way a person moves from example walking, […]

Man Back Pain Treatment

Neck and Back Pain Treatment

If you’re seeking effective physiotherapy for back and neck pain treatment, look no further than Williams & Locke Physiotherapists. We […]

Nurse Bandage Patient, Edenvale

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

What is Post Surgery Rehabilitation and Recovery? Post surgery rehabilitation is an essential component of the recovery journey after surgery. […]