Guide to Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation

Table of Contents 1. What is a stroke? A stroke is a sudden interruption of blood flow to the brain, […]

How to Manage Chronic Pain

How to Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a long-term pain that can last for months or even years. It can be caused by a […]

Man with sinusitis

Ways to Relieve Sinusitis

While the symptoms of sinusitis are often painful and difficult to treat, there are many ways to relieve sinusitis pain […]

Woman with neck pain

Things That Cause Neck Pain

If you’re suffering from neck pain, it’s important to consult a doctor or professional physiotherapist such as Williams & Locke […]

Dry Needling

The Benefits of Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique that can provide significant benefits for your body. The process can improve your range of […]

Signs That You Are Over-Exercising

Signs That You Are Over-Exercising

Over-exercising can cause overuse injuries, including joint strains, soft tissue injuries, stress fractures, and even broken bones. If you frequently […]

Lifestyle Tips to Avoid Burnout

Tips to Avoid Burnout

If you’re feeling burnt out or on the brink of it, here are some tips to avoid burnout. Prioritize your […]

Why Sleep is so Important

Why Sleep is so Important

Sleep is essential for a number of reasons, from our immune system, our physical health and our mental health. It […]

10 Tips to Stay Healthy

10 Tips to Stay Healthy

1. Eat a healthy diet Eating a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy and fats, will allow your […]

man and women stretching on grass

Morning Stretches

Not only does stretching feel good but it is an important component of our overall health and fitness.  Stretching ensures […]