Man Back Pain Treatment

Back and neck pain treatment

Back and Neck Treatments

Neck and back pain is something that can be quite painful and often needs quick treatment. It shouldn’t be left untreated as it can cause more damage.

 There are a few reasons why neck and back pain can occur. It could develop from sports injuries, sleeping in the wrong position, recovery from surgery, or an accident.

We offer a range of different treatments in order to relieve you from your neck and back pain quickly and effectively and get you back to your normal self. Our main goal with our neck and back treatments is to reduce pain and stiffness and to get your neck moving.

Back and Neck pain are among the most common complaints of pain and disability in our community and can be a scary time for most people

Back and neck pain is often a very painful experience and would benefit greatly from early intervention from physiotherapy.  We will guide you through your recovery every step of the way using a variety of treatments and advice.  In most cases these are not very serious (although very painful) and you see great improvements once you start seeing a physiotherapist. 

Whether you are an avid athlete, weekend warrior or just want to get the housework done we can help you on your way to normal activity by encouraging good healthy spine movements and where necessary – working on strength elements.  We can also guide you to maintaining a healthy spine long term though exercise as this is what current research indicates is the best long term solution.

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