Biomechanical Corrections for Functional Fitness Athletes

Biomechanical corrections for CrossFit athletes

Functional Fitness has become a game-changer in the world of fitness and health. It has started the evolution of the functional fitness athlete.  Functional fitness athletes are expected to perform high-intensity workouts that often involve very technical and demanding movements on the body.  Having insufficient joint mobility or muscle flexibilities may put you at risk of overloading certain joints or just make the experience of complex movements unpleasant.  We are well versed in the complex movement requirements and demands on the human body and are able to help you improve your mobility, flexibility and overall technique which would ultimately lead to performance enhancement and overall higher enjoyment of these complex movements.

We offer biomechanical assessments to assess joint mobility, muscle length, muscle strength and overall control and coordination to determine how to improve your movements.  Should you be experiencing pain, then a biomechanical assessment will assist in determining the overall cause of pain related to the techniques used in these functional fitness movements.  These injuries are then also able to be treated in relation to the issues found during the assessment.

Whatever your level of competitiveness  – we want all our functional fitness athletes to move well and enjoy the complex tasks in the box. Book your biomechanical assessment now and get your technique on point.

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