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Headaches caused by neck pain

There are numerous types of headaches, some are caused by the neck.  Here are three possible types:

The first type of headache is a tension headache and it causes mild to moderate pain, as a result of muscular tension in the neck. The second is a migraine which is similar to a tension headache but the pain is more severe. The third type of headache is a cervicogenic headache and it is caused by an underlying and untreated condition in the neck.

There are Two Types of Cervicogenic Headaches:

  • Traumatic – An injury has strained the joints and muscles of the neck. This could be due to whiplash from a car accident or you may have fallen and possibly hurt your neck and head.
  • Postural/mechanic – This is caused by long-term strain of the joints and muscles in the neck and upper back and has caused your neck to become stiff, irritated and tight.

How Physiotherapy can Treat Headaches Caused by Neck Pain

Here at Williams and Locke Physiotherapists we focus on accurate, detailed assessments to determine the type and cause of your headache which allows us to provide effective treatments.  Should your cause be spinal in origin, then we will use a variety of techniques for example manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, neural mobilization, posture correction and ultimately strength training of the neck musculature to relieve pain and restore normal function to the spine.

Headaches caused by neck pain can be incredibly uncomfortable. Williams & Locke Physiotherapists is here to help you alleviate the headache pain caused by neck related problems. Click below to book an appointment online today.