Sports Physiotherapy

What is Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is the practice of assessing, diagnosing and treating the human body to restore function, reduce stress and relieve pain commonly associated with sporting activities.

Why Sports Physiotherapy is so important

Sport of any kind whether it’s professional or amateur can potentially lead to tremendous strain on the body and if you regularly push yourself to the edge of what is physically possible, you are putting stress on muscles, joints, ligaments and bones. The stress is greater on the body than on people who don’t participate in sport, with athletes placing harsher demands on themselves in training and competition.

Sports Physiotherapy in Edenvale

Sports Physiotherapists Edenvale

We take special interest in sports physiotherapy and the treatment of sports injuries

Here at Williams & Locke Physiotherapists Inc., our approach to sports physiotherapy focuses not only on the injuries to your body caused by a particular sport but strives to help you avoid and prevent future problems so that you can perform to the best of your ability.  

Physio Treatment for Athletes

We are passionate about your performance and helping you stay at your optimal health so that you can reach your full athletic potential.

Our Sports Physio Treatments

  •  Muscle strain and tears
  •  Running injuries and gait
  •  Biomechanical insufficiencies
  •  Sports-related back and neck injuries
  •  Overuse injuries
  • Joint and ligament injuries
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
Sports Physiotherapy Edenvale

School Athlete Physiotherapy

We have some of the best young athletes competitively at the school level. Whether you are playing at a school, club, provincial or national level, our physiotherapists are here to help you stay at your peak performance. We take a special interest in school athlete physiotherapy and aiding you in your growth and development in your chosen sport.

Sports Physiotherapy for Athletes

Sports Physiotherapy for Athletes

Who is sports physiotherapy? Professional athletes? No, you don’t have to be a professional to be an athlete. Believe it or not, but if you are a frequent gym visitor, play recreational sports or pretty much active in any form of exercise, you are an athlete.

Our sports physiotherapy services are geared toward aiding you in either helping you on your road to recovery or keeping you at your peak performance or even helping with any post-op services for injuries resulting in surgery.

We take a special interest in sports physio and strive to keep you active and at peak performance. We also use revolutionary techniques like the use of sports strapping.

Something that can aid you in your performance is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Sports Physio for Schools and Young Athletes

Are you a school and hosting sports events? Please give us a call to discuss how we could potentially aid you with your school sports physio. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Sports strapping
  • Limited muscle treatment
  • Injury assessment
  • Post-game assessments

We take a special interest in sports physiotherapy and would love to assist in keeping the future sports stars of South Africa on the field and performing at their best.

Sports Physio for Schools

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